Updated as of March 3 at 5:16 p.m. to include interviews with prospective students.

Elon University’s largest admitted students event, Fellows Weekend, is underway Friday, March 3. Including 762 prospective students, 1,928 people total are registered to attend Fellows Weekend, according to Vice President for Enrollment Greg Zaiser. 

During Fellows Weekend, finalists for the eight fellows programs — honors, business, communications, Elon College, engineering, leadership, nursing and teaching — visit campus for interviews with faculty and current students. Tours, open houses, information sessions and more are also held throughout Friday and Saturday.

Zaiser said in addition to those on campus this weekend, 300 students opted for virtual interviews. Last year, 731 prospective students and 1,849 people total attended, and Zaiser said approximately half of the students who attended Fellows Weekend enrolled at Elon.

Prospective students attending Fellows Weekend should expect “to get a sense of the strength of Elon’s academic environment, meet our outstanding faculty, staff and students and understand what it’s like to be a Phoenix,” Zaiser wrote in an email to Elon News Network.

One topic on the minds of prospective fellows are the recent increases in tuition. Elon University increased tuition and fees over 9% going into this academic year and will be increasing another 5.14% for the 2023-24 academic year. Prospective student Rose Fyffe applied for the honors fellows program and said if she doesn’t receive financial aid or the program’s $13,500 scholarship, she won’t be able to afford Elon.

“Elon is definitely one of the top choices that I’m considering, but depending on how much financial aid I get is going to determine my overall decision,” Fyffe said. 

Prospective student Owen Thomas said a big part of his decision of where to attend college is how much financial aid he receives from each school. Thomas said going into his interview tomorrow, part of his consideration is the scholarship attached to the fellows programs.

“Trying to get this program and the scholarship money that comes with it is a definite big plus toward my decision that may lead me more toward Elon,” Thomas said.