Now that it’s the offseason, Elon football redshirt sophomore and defensive lineman Jon Seaton is focusing on his other hobby, content creation. 

Seaton currently has over 1.8 million followers on TikTok thanks to his name, image and likeness deal, which helps all kinds of collegiate athletes achieve influence and enhance their careers. Seaton partnered with Outback Steakhouse in October. Now, he and the restaurant chain are working to help in the fight against cancer with Fighting Pretty, a nonprofit organization created by Kara Frazier to empower women during and after cancer treatment. 

“So just this year, Jon reached out to us and said, ‘Hey, I would love to collaborate with you, what can we do?’” Frazier said.

Seaton chose to partner with Fighting Pretty after his mother, Carole, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2017. She received pink boxing gloves from Fighting Pretty as a token and reminder of her strength. Carole said she had the toughest time telling her family, but Seaton supported her wholeheartedly.

“I was so thankful to receive that. It just made me feel like the first time I shaved my  head and put on big earrings and lipstick, and I wanted to just feel pretty because it was gone,” Carole said. “The reality still hadn’t really hit me until I told Jonathan. And he hugged me and said, ‘Ma - you got this.’”

Seaton said seeing the joy on his mother Carole’s face is the greatest feeling,  knowing he is making her happy through his support for cancer awareness. Seaton gifted her a full size pair of boxing gloves as a way of continuing her journey.

“It's really good, there are very few things that really surprise me, but this is one of them,” Jon said.

During a Fighting Pretty fundraiser on Feb. 2 at Rhodes Stadium, Seaton, his teammates and friends worked together to create 500 care packages for women fighting cancer across the country. 

“Them showing up for this and giving up their time, it means a lot for me,” Jon said. “It really just shows the brotherhood and family aspect we have here.”

Jon said he hopes to continue partnering with charities to use his platform for more than just football. Carole said she is overjoyed to see her son and his team come together and hopes they reiterate the message to  spread awareness. 

“I’m so happy,” Carole said.“I’m so proud of him and the players here, and hopefully we can spread awareness to more.”