Mediterranean Deli, in downtown Elon, announced it was closing permanently in August, but the location has yet to be filled. 

Residents of the Oaks and Park Place Neighborhoods received an email Oct. 10 from Assistant Director of Housing Operations Shauna Zupan, who said the owners of the Park Place building complex are looking for recommendations from Elon University students on types of restaurants to take the place of the deli and bakery. 

Sydney Barlow, a junior and apartment manager for the Oaks and Park Place Neighborhoods, said she is excited about something new filling the space but does not think a restaurant has to be the exact answer.

“I was a big proponent of maybe a little mini-mart or something that could be accessible for students who don't have cars,” Barlow said. “But if we are going to get a restaurant, it would be nice to have a more diverse option.” 

Elon senior Sophia Templeton said she hopes the new restaurant will be able to cater to college students' budgets, have vegetarian and vegan options and be locally owned. 

“I'm a vegetarian, and I'm really missing having those options this year,” Templeton said. “I think Elon was really good about supporting local businesses, so I hope they continue that.”

The owners of Park Place did not respond to Elon News Network's immeditae requests for comment on the survey.

The survey will remain open from Oct. 10 through 5 p.m. Oct. 17. Zupan said in the email students can only submit the survey one time but are allowed to select multiple options for the types of food they would like to have.