Kari Taylor, deputy chief of staff at Elon University, shared upcoming events the 1923 Engagement Committee is planning at Elon’s Student Government Association meeting Oct. 6. The 1923 Engagement Committee is focused on remembering the fire that took place on Elon’s campus in 1923. This committee is now working to plan events starting in 2023, as that will be the 100th year anniversary of the fire.

“You want to remember it in a way that honors everything that came after the fire, because what that fire did for the university was [it] changed a lot,” Taylor said. “It changed our budget model. It changed a lot of things.”

This committee was formed in April 2022 to come up with ideas for events throughout 2023. The committee then came up with five categories to focus on: athletics, communications and marketing, community engagement, student engagement and learning history.

Some of these events include tabling during college coffee for the first week of classes during Winter Term, having a special SGA-hosted fireside chat with President Connie Book to speak on the significance of the fire, and having a Flight of the Phoenix 5k run. Taylor also said the committee is working on merchandise for the student body to commemorate the 1923 fire as well.

The SGA Student Outreach Committee is hosting a Coffee and Conversation event at The Oak House open to the student body on Oct. 7 from noon to 2 p.m. The event is an opportunity for students to ask questions to members of SGA.