The Elon Board of Aldermen voted unanimously to rename itself to town council during its regular meeting tonight. This comes two months after Elon’s Board of Aldermen created a resolution of intent on March 7, and two weeks after a public hearing, where no public comments were made. 

Prior to voting on the change, the board heard from two volunteer applicants who applied to join the equity committee being created for the town of Elon: Rochelle Ford, dean of the School of Communications, and Rose Cooper, an Elon resident of 17 years. Both of these volunteers are looking to improve the town and have an interest in diversity, equity and inclusion.

“I'm just interested in bettering the community,” Cooper said. “I want to do something to actually be in the community. I believe in getting involved, trying to make things better, rather than saying, ‘Well, this is not right.’”

The board also voted to revise the town of Elon water and wastewater system extension and connection policies. Rich Roedner, town manager, explained that certain newer neighborhoods located outside of public water limits have recently not been able to receive these services. 

Previously, in order for these neighborhoods to receive these services, they had to apply for annexation, but not all of these homes are eligible for annexation, Roedner said. Therefore, the newly revised policy makes it so people only have to petition for annexation in order to have the ability to be added to sewage and water services. This revision was approved unanimously.

Roedner also said Elon University has made a donation to the town of $200,000 for the creation of West College Avenue Plaza. This means that construction on this plaza can start now, as opposed to waiting until July for additional funding. The board voted to accept the donation and will move forward with building the plaza. 

There will be a public hearing on May 23, as a part of Elon’s Town Council work session, regarding next year's budget.