Only seven minutes from campus, Village Grill was voted “Best Date Night Spot.” The restaurant is run by general manager Carter Honeycutt, who has been in the role for over a year now. Honeycutt said the establishment is busy mostly during the weekends, with the normal demographic being mainly older adults.

Village Grill is most known for its Key West chicken and “killer” Alfredo sauce, according to Honeycutt. He said the appeal of the Village Grill is the affordability and efficiency in service you get when you dine there, which draws in couples looking for the perfect date spot. 

“Reminds me of when I was their age,” Honeycutt said. “I've taken dates here before when I didn't work here. When I see a young couple come in, it just makes sense.”

Sophomore Abby Langenkamp said when she goes to Village Grill with her friends, the decor is not what you would expect from the outside of the building.

“It's a nice talking point and kind of interesting atmosphere, so if you are worried about things to talk about then maybe go there,” Langenkamp said.