The three Ts in the name of this unassuming chicken joint stand for “Terrific! Tasting! Tenders!”, a slogan embraced by the Elon community, who voted it home to the “Best Chicken Sandwich.” 

3T’s Chicken & Shakes is owner Michael Thomas’ second restaurant in the Burlington area and a departure from his family-style eatery Delancy’s. Since 2017, the chicken joint has served up chicken wings and tenders, burgers, salads and milkshakes, but its selection of chicken sandwiches is what really rounds out the menu. 

Offerings include plain, barbecue and avocado chicken sandwiches, and Thomas hopes the 3T’s combo special, which includes a grilled or fried chicken sandwich and a side, can make for an affordable but filling meal. 

Ultimately, Thomas believes 3T’s fresh ingredients and home cooking are what set his local business apart from national chains. 

“That means you may have to wait a little bit longer than a Chick-Fil-A drive through, but everything is hands on. We don’t buy anything frozen,” Thomas said. 

For Elon students, Thomas recommends his favorite chicken sandwich, the “Rise & Shine,” made with cheddar cheese, fried egg and bacon. But even 3T’s basic chicken sandwiches are full of flavor, according to junior Lauren Shaia. 

“The basic sandwich is good,” Shaia said. “Although it’s plain, the flavors shine through in every bite and you can always add toppings like lettuce and tomato.”