Elon University is upgrading its E-Alert system in early 2022 to help spread information to students in a more timely manner in order to help maintain their safety in an emergency. 

The E-Alert platform will incorporate a personal safety mobile app, text messaging, email and calling. All subscribers to the current E-Alert system will automatically be added to the new system and new users will be able to sign up as well.

The E-Alert system will maintain all of its current functions, including sending inclement weather notifications and emergency bulletins, while also providing new services, such as a direct line to Elon Campus Safety and Police, sharing GPS location and two-way communication to receive safety alerts via text and email. 

Students will also be able to submit anonymous tips, provide in-app calling with a single button for local first responders and other campus services, and the app itself will provide ways to find resources for campus services, such as Title IX, counseling and harassment resources.

This new system is supported by Rave Mobile Safety, a leading provider of school safety systems. Group training sessions on how to use the new system and more information on how to download the Rave Guardian mobile app will also be available in early 2022.