This weekend marks the peak of “spooky season,” for Elon University students like sophomore Riley Otis, who said she is excited to experience a more normal Halloween after the social hiatus that was in place on campus this time last year. 

“I’m looking forward to experiencing college Halloween for the first time,” Otis said. “I’m also looking forward to having an excuse to buy a lot of candy.” 

For Otis and junior Phoebe Becker, Halloween is a time where they can get creative, pulling inspiration from pop culture and recent trends. Becker, who is dressing up as Britney Spears along with a few friends, said most of her costume was influenced by content she has seen on TikTok and in the media.

This concept has floated around many for you pages on TikTok where each friend would dress up as a ‘different Britney,’ Becker said that they decided on this idea because of the focus on Britney’s conservatorship right now and it is a significant issue that needs to be talked about. 

“I’m looking forward to dressing up, feeling confident and having fun with friends,” Becker said. 

Sophomore Tommy Pegan said he has chosen to be a male version of Dorothy this Halloween. Pegan will be wearing a baby blue long sleeve shirt, under jean overalls. He is using an old pair of high-top converse and painting them red while adding sparkles to the canvas, and sequins to the rubber pre-wrap.

“I have a passion for costume design and I wanted to challenge myself by designing my own ruby red slippers! I am looking forward to the free candy and the only thing keeping me from being fully vegan is chocolate, so I can't wait to feast!”