After one week of the launch of TimelyCare, over 100 students had signed up for the service, according to Associate Vice President for Student Life Jana Lynn Patterson.

Elon University announced its partnership with the virtual telehealth portal that provides students with free 24-hour access to medical and mental health hotlines before students left campus for fall break on Oct. 12. 

Sophomore Sasha Nainani said she was relieved to hear about the program. According to Nainani,  several of her peers felt counseling services were not accessible enough, with some being unable to schedule appointments until weeks later.

“If you're having a really bad day and need to talk to somebody, you're going to be in a completely different mental state a month later,” Nainani said. “I think it's good to have a 24-7 resource.”

Sophomore Mollie Lund says the transition for sophomores returning to in-person classes has been tough. She hopes that TimelyCare will create a more present and accessible mental health culture on Elon’s campus. 

“Getting back into the swing of things and having time management skills and on top of keeping up with your mental health can be really hard to handle,” Lund said. 

Lund said she does not have time to seek out counseling services, and therefore is glad TimelyCare is available to provide more immediate and virtual access.  

Patterson said the goal of TimelyCare is to help students like Lund who don't always have time to wait for Counseling Services.

“It meets a need for folks to have a more on-demand service, both in behavioral health, as well as physical health,” Patterson said. “It can help to have students’ needs responded to more quickly than when may be able to do if demands are just.” 

Patterson said the university wants to provide as many outlets for students as possible so that they can get the help they need in ways they are comfortable with.

Elon is partnering with Active Minds to further promote the program, as well as asking residence assistants and student organization leaders to spread the word. 

The Office of Student Life plans to track how popular TimelyCare gets throughout the semester. There will also be a survey that is set to be sent out to students later this year.

When reflecting on the university’s release of TimelyCare, Nainani said the program will be helpful for students.

“I think academics and world mental health day being so recently all contribute to the timing of this being very good,” Nainani said.“It's made me reassess how important mental health is.”