College life can be busy, and with other commitments, senior Katie Grinnell said, life sometimes feels like a balancing act. Grinnell, alongside junior Channing Lamparski, serves as co-presidents of the Elon Yoga Club, where they hope to create a sense of peace for the busy college life. 

“I got involved because I loved doing yoga my senior year of high school and I wanted to continue it,” Grinnell said. “The club is low commitment. It was something I could very easily fit into my schedule. I enjoy having it part of my week.” 

The yoga club meets in the Numen Lumen Sacred Space every Monday from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m. Mats and blocks are provided and a teacher is present — either from the community or a student who is a certified yoga instructor. A flow of yoga is then led for the hour.  

According to Grinnell, yoga is a great way to start your week and clear your mind. The Elon Yoga Club provides a sense of comfort and community. Anyone is welcome to join or even just stop by to give it a try, Grinnell said. 

“It is a really great habit to be in whether you do it for the physical wellbeing of stretching, exercising or whether you really are into it for the more mental wellness,” Grinnell said.

Planning and organizing are done behind the scenes by the executive committee. Grinnell and Lamparksi said they both decided to take leadership roles and help out with the club, while simultaneously fulfilling their love for yoga. 

For Grinnell, the Yoga Club is a “sense of home” and allows her to relax and clear her mind. 

Both Grinnell and Lamparski said they hope the Elon Yoga Club serves as a space for students to unwind, gain peace and start their week on a healthy note.

To learn more and get involved visit the Elon Yoga Club page on PhoenixCONNECT or @elon_yoga_club on Instagram.