The Elon University Student Government Association met on Sept. 16, 2021 for a business meeting. During the meeting, the newly elected class of 2025 senators and members of SGA appointed to vacant senator positions were sworn in. Members of SGA spoke with two members of the Healthy Elon committee and President of SGA Jack Corby appointed a new chief of staff, junior Chase Solomon. 

Healthy Elon committee update

Assistant Provost Deandra Little said there is serious discussion surrounding updating the Healthy Elon website to include coronavirus case updates daily, rather than the current format of weekly updates on Monday. 

As of Monday, Sept. 12, Elon University has 67 active cases on campus. Elon University COVID-19 cases make up nearly 65% of the overall cases reported in Alamance County, according to the Healthy Elon Website.

Assistant Dean for Campus Life Marquita Barker said because there is not a standing student member on the Healthy Elon committee, members are meeting with student groups like SGA and resident assistants to hear from students. Barker said the committee is “not there yet” in terms of adding a student representative. 

“We’ve had that conversation before, there’s some sensitive information that we discuss in these meetings, so that’s why there hasn’t been students there,” Barker said.

Barker said there is currently no expectation to reinstate capacity limits indoors.

Dean of Students Jana Lynn Patterson said there are no clusters on campus at this time. Patterson defined clusters as five or more students who are epidemiologically linked and tested positive in the last three days. Clusters found on campus will be reported to the state and available as public information, according to Patterson. 

Acorn fund 

Corby detailed updates to the Acorn Fund manual, the guide for the student innovation fund on campus. All senators voted to update the guide and appointed junior Jamison Skelley to be the SGA representative to the Acorn Fund committee.

Kyra O'Connor | Elon News Network
President of SGA Jack Corby appointed a new chief of staff, junior Chase Solomon.
Haggard Ave. committee

Sidewalks could be coming to Haggard Ave. from the Circle K to the Mission, a taco restaurant in Gibsonville across from student housing. Corby, who will be attending the Elon Haggard Ave. Corridor Stakeholder committee, solicited comments from senators during the business meeting.

Senators mentioned parking, safety and security concerns regarding the sidewalk, including the suggestion of “blue light poles,” a campus safety feature. Patterson said because the blue light poles are connected to campus police and security, the lights would not be able to be placed on Haggard. 

Homecoming court

Elon University homecoming court members are selected based on leadership qualities, commitment to service, involvement and spirit through their contributions and presence at Elon, according to SGA. 

On November 5, those on the Homecoming Court will participate in the banner parade, and the Homecoming football game will take place on Nov. 6. The court will be presented at half time and the crowning will take place during the third and fourth quarter. 

Senators voted to pass the 2021-22 homecoming court guidelines at the business meeting. The rules and regulations include any questions or complaints being submitted to chair of the homecoming committee, Hailey Jurgens, within 24 hours, and the homecoming committee members may promote a specific philanthropic effort throughout their campaigns.