Women Influencers in Sport, or WINS, is teaching Elon’s young women confidence and career skills necessary to become successful in the sports industry. Their primary focus is educating young women about what it is like to go into the male-dominated sports industry while empowering them to use their voice to its fullest potential. 

Elon sophomore Olivia Lovell, assistant director for WINS, joined in her freshman year after being in organization advisor Shaina Dabbs’ introductory Sport Management course. Lovell began attending meetings and got more involved as the year progressed, gaining a mentor and attending everything virtually when the spring semester got pushed online. 

“Working in sports can be really hard for females because sports is such a male-dominated industry,” Lovell said. “And at times it’s really hard to even find females that work in the jobs that you want to work in.” 

Lovell said her self-confidence and her ability to become a professional in the sports industry has significantly increased since joining WINS.

“WINS has taught me that I can do anything that I set my mind to,” Lovell said, “and that just because I’m a female, it doesn’t put me at any disadvantage in the industry.” 

Although COVID-19 has changed the way WINS runs, members are still able to get involved with meetings, attend lectures with guest speakers and participate in the mentor program. The mentorship program allows for members to be partnered up with an Elon alum in the sports industry. From there, mentors offer advice, teach networking skills and make genuine connections with their mentee. 

Lovell said this program has provided her with many opportunities. 

“Just the other day, one of my mentors reached out to me and she was like, ‘Hey, I have this connection that I really think you should reach out to and talk to,’” Lovell said. 

Lovell scheduled the phone call with the woman her mentor connected her to who then offered different tips and tricks for Lovell’s intended sports industry sector. This is exactly what the WINS organization is all about. 

Women must be majoring or minoring in sports management in order to join WINS. Students interested in joining WINS can contact advisor Shaina Dabbs.