The Burlington Police Department adopted a software called Crime Stoppers. This allows people to call to give anonymous tips. Since then, community resource officer Bobby Davis said this has helped promote community relations. 

The Burlington Police Department said this year they are releasing a new application to make that relationship with the community even stronger. 

The new app is called P3, and claims to connect the police, public and the private sector. The app allows not only anonymous tips by call, but also a way to directly message the police via the app interface. 

“It's an app where people can go through and submit a tip by texting it in,” Davis says. “We can do as far as two way dialogue with that person.” 

Davis said the real benefit of the app is its easy access to the department’s social media accounts. Across North Carolina, he said the app has already had its fair share of success. 

“Greensboro, High Point and Charlotte are already using this app, I've talked to them extensively about it. They all are pleased about the app. In fact, crime stopper tips where they're seeing use have gone up due to the ease of submitting the tip.” 

Davis says the app should be available to the community by March.