Updated on Nov. 4 at 3:01 p.m. with information from Elon Fire Chief Alva Sizemore.

Editor's note: This article and the media included contains profane language that some readers may find offensive.

When T-Pain left the stage after his performance in Schar Center Saturday night, he wasn’t done with Elon.

Instead he went to MaGerk's Pub, a local bar, but was unsatisfied according to a 1:30 a.m. three-hour long T-Pain Twitch live stream, a video game live streaming service, titled “bored af in elon (whatever the hell that is) lets play some games I guess? If the wifi lets me."

T-Pain later clarified in an Instagram live story on Sunday afternoon that he enjoyed MaGerk's Pub but at times felt harassed by the Elon students there. He said he was alerted by his server to avoid shaking hands with the approximately 75 people in the bar because of the recent rash of mumps that has hit the university

Elon spokesman Owen Covington said on Monday afternoon that the university had no response to the comments made by the homecoming performer. T-Pain's manager Andy Kabamba said on Monday afternoon that the performer has "nothing against Elon", adding he hoped no one would take offense to what was said by the performer as a joke or sarcastically. 

"It's supposed to be good for you to laugh and smile in life," Kabamba said, adding "Elon kids stay blessed less petty and happy holidays till next time."

T-Pain reiterated that when the crowd at MaGerk's Pub had calmed down he enjoyed it. He said he wanted to go out with his friends just like everyone else was doing while at MaGerk's Pub. 

T-Pain said in a tweet that he was "quoting an alumni that was in magerc's (sic)" in reference to the name of his stream.

“What’s up stupids,” T-Pain said five minutes in to the live streamed video as he drank a Heineken beer. “I’m in fucking Elon, North Carolina ain’t that a bitch, how do you do that. I don’t know what it is either, I have never heard of it either.”

T-Pain said Elon was 40 minutes from Greensboro and drove from the GSO airport on Saturday. 

T-Pain went on to talk about the wealth of the people he ran in to while here. 

“Everybody in this city, everybody, not just the people who booked me. Everybody in this city is mega fucking rich, everybody,” T-Pain said. “That also causes a problem at the bars here, it’s a full-on 'do you know who my dad is' party."

However, T-Pain said that he thought Elon was a "pretty cool place."

"It’s a cool place for me cause everyone is so rich. You think they wouldn’t give a fuck about me," T-Pain said.

While he seemed to enjoy the people, he didn't seem to be a fan of Elon's bar scene. 

"I tried to go to a bar tonight and oh boy it was not great. I tried, I really tried to go to a bar and apparently it was the only bar that was open after 12 and it was outside.”

According to videos and people at MaGerk's Pub Saturday night, a local bar and grill in downtown Elon, T-Pain was spotted outside.

“So the bar is outside and it is officially 41 degrees…'shut it down!' " T-Pain said while trying to do an impression of Bar Rescue host, Jon Taffer. 

"I'm still working on my Jon Taffer," T-Pain said. 

The artist added that he was flying home on Sunday and was looking forward to seeing his wife of 16 years, Amber Najm.

Multiple Elon students and unaffiliated social media accounts called T-Pain out on Twitter for not drawing a large crowd. T-Pain responded to Barstool Elon saying that the fire marshal had capped the capacity in Schar Center, also claiming that he was paid for a full-capacity show. T-Pain said in his Instagram Live video on Sunday that he was told he could not sell tickets to the upper bowl because they were going to use fog during the show and had to disconnect the fire system to do so.

Elon Fire Chief Alva Sizemore said that there was no cap to the number of seats that could have been filled, it was only the capacity on the floor that was supposed to be capped at 600 people. Sizemore said T-Pain was told not to disconnect the fire system or use fog. Sizemore also estimated based on photos he has seen that the floor probably had around 300-400 people. 

SUB declined to disclose how much T-Pain was paid for the performance. SUB also could not be reached immediately for a response to T-Pain's comments via email or phone call.

Opening act gianni & kyle did not have anything bad to say on social media about the performance, tweeting out a photo of them in Schar Center hours before they went on. 


Christian Galvano and Liam Collins contributed to reporting on this story.