At Elon University, there are many resources to promote sexual health and well-being, all of which can be found on Elon’s website under Student Health and Wellness. These resources are extremely helpful to college students, but as freshmen, we’re only made aware of some of these resources.

I came across one of Elon’s best organizations on campus. While I have yet to use this myself, it seems as though I could use this organization in the future. This program is SPARKS, otherwise known as Students Promoting Awareness, Responsibility, Knowledge and Success. This is definitely something that sounds appealing to me as a fresh face on campus. 

Elon’s sexual health initiatives go beyond this program and range from free sex supplies to events about consent. 

I have found each one of SPARK’s initiatives to be helpful and useful to the whole student body. Being able to talk about sexual health with peers puts students at ease and allows them to feel more comfortable talking about these issues. 

SPARKS offers a sexual health workshop that could come in handy for someone looking to learn about making right decisions. Through SPARKS, students are given a safe space to ask questions, engage in conversation and learn from those around them about sexual health. 

Coming from a private Catholic high school, resources on this topic were nonexistent. Knowing that many freshmen are coming from similar backgrounds, I am confident that it is reassuring to have access to these programs. 

Having sexual health initiatives is a vital part of being on a college campus whether or not they are used by students. The existence of resources and learning opportunities, such as those about consent or peer education workshops, helps students be more comfortable discussing difficult topics. 

Another great aspect of Elon’s sexual health initiatives is the availability of resources for sexual assault victims on campus. Despite being a sensitive topic, sexual assault was discussed throughout orientation. It is vital for the administration to discuss this with incoming students as they are about to enter a new place with people. 

Including a sexual health and assault prevention program before starting here is also a very positive initiative. There are schools that do not offer this program and it is almost saddening because it is beneficial no matter how long the program may take. Learning about these tough topics is important, especially before beginning college.

Even though it is just the beginning of the academic year, and I am still getting used to how to find out about events on campus, it would be beneficial for SPARKS to send out an email about who they are and the aid they provide for students. I know I would find that beneficial to know about the ways they help, without having to find it on my own. 

Though only a few initiatives were mentioned, Elon provides great resources to all students to facilitate discussions and healthy practices surrounding sexual health and wellbeing. The help is there, but you have to seek it out.