Eleven-month-old Owen Pursley is the winner of the first "Elon Diaper Dash," hosted at halftime during Elon University's men's basketball game against the College of Charleston on Saturday, Feb. 23. Before the race began, his mother, Dana Pursley, was anticipating the victory for her energetic toddler.

"We were really excited. He’s been practicing and working hard and crawling all over the place," Dana said. 

She said the help from his fans put him in front of the race. 

"I think just trying to talk to him, and we had some friends that were helping us along," Dana said.

While Dana had a few moments of doubt during the race, she never took her eyes off the prize: a package of diapers. 

"Diapers are expensive, so we'll take it," Dana said. 

After the win, Owen headed home with a bottle of milk in hand, ready to get a good night's sleep. 

"I think he is really tired. We are getting into the 'I'm exhausted' phase," Dana said. 

Before next year, there is a new goal for the toddler and his mom.

"Maybe next year, we will do a walking competition," Dana said.