With Hurricane Florence still headed for the Carolinas, most on-campus Elon students have left to escape the storm’s path. But others in the area have decided to brave the storm. 

Shoppers at the Elon Community Church Farmer’s Market, like Helen Wilhelm, were glad they stayed.

“I was just excited to see that somebody was here because I figured with the way the weather has been too because I know sometimes I’ve come through after a thunderstorm and nobody's here,” Wilhelm said.   

For Smith Farm Owner, Tamara Smith she isn’t concerned about the weather, and is more concerned about selling her produce. 

“We have the normal supply, so we need to find the outlet...the customers on the other end to buy what we’ve been working on all week,” Smith said. 

Beekeeper Mike Ross agrees with Smith, especially since the Farmer’s Market saw clear skies. 

“There’s no storm today I don’t understand why it’s not bustling today," Ross said. "It’s the best weather and the nicest weather most pleasant day we’ve had all summer. I just don’t understand it. What are people doing that they can’t come out on a beautiful day like today?” 

Alex Hager | Elon News Network
Mike Ross was selling honey at the Elon Community Church Farmers Market despite thin post-evacuation crowds

But in case the weather takes turn for the worst the farmers of the market are prepared.

“If it gets really bad, there’s a possibility that it could blow some lids off some hives," Ross said.  "Many of my hives I have strapped down with ratchet straps in preparation and the other ones are closer to home so I can keep an eye on them." 

Jill Nowak, of Jillie’s Jams, just hopes those who didn’t make it to the Farmer’s market are safe.

“We miss you and we hope everyone is ok, as long as we stay away from the coast right,” Nowak said.