The long awaited MaGerks Pub & Grill is just days away from opening. After originally announcing an open date of June 2018, additional add-ons forced the opening to be pushed back. 

"We started doing one thing after another, and we realized more and more we had to do more," said Sammerah Qawasmy, general manager of MaGerks Elon. "We got more familiar with the area in Burlington and in Elon and more of what was needed here, and we realized we had to pull out all of the stops."

With other locations in Pennsylvania and Maryland, Elon will be the first MaGerks on a college campus. Qawasmy says while they understand students are on a budget, they are trying to appeal to the greater community, including teachers, alumni and parents. However, 85 percent of their employees will be students. 

"I enjoy our company, and I think all of our guests are really going to enjoy coming here. It's going to be a different crowd in the summertime, but there still will be a crowd."

If all the inspections and permits go through, MaGerks is expected to open late next week.