Valentine’s Day is typically celebrated with chocolate, heart-shaped candies and letters from loved ones. But one group on campus is celebrating Valentine’s Day by raising awareness for sexual violence. 

Elon Feminists For Equality, Change and Transformation will present The Vagina Monologues on Valentine’s Day. The play, written by Eve Ensler, is made up of personal stories from a diverse group of women that celebrates their strength. 

Junior Shay Friedman, an actress in The Vagina Monologues, feels the show gives a voice to the voiceless.   

“I get to provide a voice for all those women who have something to say and experiences that are valid and deserve to be shared,” Friedman said. “This show gives something back to voices that have been stifled or taken away.” 

The show will not only give back to the stifled voices of victims, but also to the local community. Amy Belfer, an actress in the show, says that by simply coming to the show, members of the Elon University community can make a difference. 

“Coming to see the show gives people the chance to make actual change in our community,” Belfer said. “Coming means you are helping to raise money to end sexual assault in our community and to raise awareness about issues women face.”

Maggie Brown | Elon News Network

Friedman believes the show will benefit everyone in the audience, regardless of gender or experiences. 

“It might make you uncomfortable, it will make you laugh, and it might reveal a part of yourself you hadn't thought about,” Friedman said. 

The Vagina Monologues will run two shows at 6:30 p.m. and 9 p.m. on Valentine’s Day in Whitley Auditorium. Tickets are $5 and proceeds will benefit CrossRoads Sexual Assault Response and Resource Center of Alamance County.