Dear Elon Football,

I wish I was there for your historic season. I am so proud of what you have accomplished — you deserve everything you have worked for. I know the last two games didn’t end as you probably wanted them to, but you finished strong. 

The lead of a news article about the James Madison University game last week read, “Projected on a television in Elon’s weight room and posted on some players social media feeds Saturday were the words, “Why Not Us?”’ 

From surprising starts to heart-stopping finishes and even tough losses, this entire season has said, “Why Not Us?” It’s a similar mindset that I have used during my time here at Elon. Why not apply to Elon? Why not run for class president? Why not apply for this award? Why not take this challenging class? Why not me?

Congrats on your playoff bid. Thanks for giving our community — at home and abroad — something to believe in and rally behind in these tough times; times that stand to pull us apart and cause us to hate and vilify each other. You said, "No," and every Saturday for a few hours, people came together. They put their differences aside and sat, ate, drank and cheered with each other to watch something truly spectacular. 

I pray you all the best this Saturday. I’ll most likely be kneeling and pacing around my dorm Saturday night as I watch the game, but it’ll be worth it. Ever since I have been abroad, my motto has been to take life “one day at a time.” And ever since my sister passed last month, this has been my family and mine's mindset. The future is uncertain and yesterday is gone. All I can do is take it one day at a time because today is all I have. 

This must be similar to you right now. The last game is gone. You don’t know what’s next. All you can do is take it one game at a time because the game is all you got. 

No matter what happens, I am so proud and ecstatic to be an Elon Phoenix and one of your fans. Work hard. Play Elon Football. You’ll get the result you want. Also, in case anyone is looking for another reason you should #BeatFurman on Saturday, just tell them what you’ve been telling yourselves all season. Why Not?


    A proud Elon Football Fan.

P.S. The Video Team is the GOAT.