Elon's SPECTRUM chapter celebrated International Condom Day Feb. 13 by partnering with the AIDS Health Foundation and the Alamance County Health Department to talk about sexual health on college campuses.

The holiday comes right before Valentine's Day every year, and that is no coincidence according to AIDS Health Foundation Advocacy Consultant Terl Gleason, who says "Valentine's is all about love and so are love condoms."

The organizations set up shop on Phi Beta Kappa Plaza to give out male and female condoms, pizza and t-shirts and to encourage a conversation about safe sex. President of SPECTRUM Monique Swirsky says that the event's purpose is to encourage people to "get themselves tested...making it a regular practice and to break the stigma about STIs."

AIDS Health Foundation Executive Producer Cheldun McNair says that the common message these organizations are trying to send is "awareness...protect yourself...STDs are a part of society now so you have to protect yourself."