Before moving into her new office, SGA Executive President-Elect junior Morgan Bodenarain already has some big decisions to make.

In an email sent out to all students, Wes Elingburg P’11, chair of the Presidential Search Committee, announced two students who were appointed to the Presidential Search Committee to find Elon University’s ninth president — Bodenarain is one of them.

Though the committee doesn’t officially meet until March 15, Bodenarain already has an idea as to who she would like to see succeed President Leo Lambert.

“A preference of whether they taught or have been a professor,” Bodenarain said. “I think that kind of relationship with students makes you very highly qualified to run a university, because once you have those kinds of interactions with students and are comfortable with interacting with students on that level.”

Throughout his tenure at Elon, Lambert has implemented policies that have expanded Elon’s national brand, policies that Bodenarain would like to see continued by the next university president.

“Inclusivity and diversity — I think that Dr. Lambert was very open to initiatives, especially initiatives coming from the students because it’s different when it’s coming from senior staff,” she said. “I think it means more when it’s student-led.”

The new president could come from anywhere across the state, country or even the world. Bodenarain weighed the pros and cons of looking for a president from within Elon or from outside of the university.

“I think it would be an asset that someone would be coming from Elon because Elon’s community is so unique, and it would be nice to have that growth from inside Elon,” Bodenarain said.

But she also recognizes the benefits of an outsider’s view.

“I also think that a different perspective is always necessary, so if someone is coming in from the outside and sees the potential growth that Elon’s campus could have that someone couldn’t see at Elon, I would also agree to that,” she said.

While the Presidential Search Committee is looking to fill the office located in Powell Hall, students can still give their input in a survey sent out by the university.

Sophomore Kayla Ervin is not only looking for someone who can “keep up sponsors” but also someone who is “multi-faceted.”

“Someone who is able to work with staff but also with students,” Ervin said.

Senior Adam Freudenstein said he has had “the privilege of having [President Lambert] for four years and [thinks] that he did a great job of speaking in the interests of the students.”

Elon freshman Sarah Barron wants someone with “a lot of passion” and someone who is “excited to meet the students.”

“I think that’s something that President Lambert was really good about,” Barron said. “He really wanted a relationship with the students at Elon.”

Moving forward, Bodenarain hopes to hire a new president who can match or exceed Lambert’s legacy.

“Everyone else who is a part of the Elon community is looking for the same thing, so hopefully, we’ll get someone who is just as great as Dr. Lambert — if possible — because he is so amazing,” she said.