An election that began with no candidates for three out of four executive positions has officially concluded, and Student Body President-Elect junior Morgan Bodenarain has released her decision for appointments for executive vice president, executive secretary and executive treasurer. 

Elon University junior and current SGA senator Spencer Wagner is the new student body vice president-elect and will succeed Elon senior Mark McGann. Bodenarain said because Wagner was originally supposed to resume his current position as senator next school year, this would be another position that she would have to appoint. 

Current Junior Class President and former student body presidential candidate Rachel Hobbs has been appointed to executive secretary. After it was announced that Bodenarain had won the election — but before applications were released — Bodenarain said she and Hobbs came up with an agreement that Hobbs would have access to any position that she wanted. Hobbs will succeed senior Alex Hunter for this position. 

Junior Class Treasurer Joseph Arthur will assume the role as executive treasurer next year, succeeding senior Eason Warren on the council. 

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