Age, gender, ethnicity, religion — there are myriad characteristics we could use to divide the human race. But instead of focusing on our differences, “2 Kinds of People” creator and Portuguese art director João Rocha wants us to see how we’re the same.

“2 Kinds of People” is a Tumblr account dedicated to beautifully simple illustrations Rocha draws himself. Each illustration is broken down into two relatable images — a cell phone with a case vs. a cell phone without a case, a computer screen with a series of open tabs vs. one with a open windows scattered everywhere, a phone with one alarm set vs. one with several alarms set — and each imply that the viewer falls into either one category or the other.

“I don’t know how I came up with it, to be honest — the idea that you have all these sort of differences that span gender, religion, age or nationality, that set you apart from some and bring you together with others,” Rocha said in an interview with the Huffington Post. “Regardless of who you are, and however different you may think you are from anybody else, you will always have something small in common even with someone that’s the entire opposite of you.”

And uniting people really is the point.

Click here to scroll through the images and find out which “kind of person” you are, and maybe you’ll find something new in common with someone else.