Elon students gathered at Speakers Corner for the Walk Against Victim Blaming on Friday, Oct. 3. The event was put on by EFFECTS, Elon Feminists for Equality, Change and Transformation, as part of a week long event called Survivors Week.

The event calls attention to the fact that every one and five female students experience rape, according to the White House. The walk was a message to Elon students, that it is never the victims fault for being sexually assaulted or raped.

Students marched together, chanting and raising signs, reading slogans like "Consent is Sexy," and "My Sexual History Does Not Indicate My Sexual Availability." Their chants included phrases like "Yes means yes, No means no."

The students sentiments were heard loud and clear around campus and they offered support and comfort to those who have been effected by sexual assault and rape.

One Elon student Laurel Wiebe, attended the event and as a survivor she feels a personal connection to the walk.

"For me personally theres a lot of guilt survivors have to get over themselves theres a lot of feeling alone theres a lot of your taking on this horrible thing by yourself that either no one can understand or your blaming yourself," Wiebe said.

Wiebe said the walk empowers students and helps heal the pain of victim blaming.