Supreme Court Justice David Souter is leaving his position at the end of his current term, leaving President Obama with that always-difficult decision of nominating a succesor. Finding the right material for a justice is a tenuous process, one that requires a complete and thorough analysis of a candidate's philosophies, intellectual worth and ability to embrace complete loyalty to the rule of law.

Souter was appointed by Bush Sr., and despite his previous credentials, turned out to be one of those pinko liberals who always try to manipulate the law to give people "freedom" and junk. Phooey. The net effect on the court, unless Obama pulls something out of left field and tosses a right-wing fanatic in the courtroom, will be negligible, it's merely a switch of one liberal for another.

What's interesting about Souter, along with his accomplishments in the Supreme Court, is that he based his decision not on health or family concerns, but instead a discontentment with Washington, D.C.'s atmosphere and all of the feuds and pettiness that comes along with it. He'll be going back to New Hampshire (though he already spent most of his time out of the courtroom there anyway) and I for one will give him three cheers for stepping away from one of the most powerful positions in the country not via votes, not due to scandal nor maladies beyond his control. He just didn't want to do it anymore, so go forth Souter, go forth and follow your judicial heart! Let this aged bird sing, free of the governmental cage!

Or he'll just write some memoirs and make tons of money.