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NEWS 11/18/14 4:16pm

Planting new seeds, perspectives in the modern apparel industry

In the corner of a dim T-shirt warehouse in Burlington, N.C., surrounded by buckets of colored dye and paint-splattered rotating machines, are rows of broccoli sprouts, barely an inch tall. They lean toward the sliding door in front of them, where, on the other side, a handful of chickens nervously peck at company shop fruits and vegetables that didn’t make it to the register in time. Back inside, Eric Henry, wearing a gray shirt reading “TS Designs,” works on a PowerPoint at his desk.

NEWS 2/28/14 1:44pm

Elon senior Elizabeth Purvis prepares to push poetry beyond graduation

Elizabeth Purvis, known to her friends as Liz, could read when she was three years old, something most children don’t master until they’re five or six. “I know that because my sister was born when I was two and a half, and I was reading in the waiting room of the hospital,” she said. Now, as a senior English major at Elon University, literature and creative writing are what she does best.

NEWS 9/11/13 9:30am

Conservators’ Center holds obstacle 5K for the wild at heart

There are few races that incorporate balance beams, mud hill crawls and rope climbs. There are even fewer that guide runners past exotic animals. The Conservators’ Center in Burlington, in conjunction with Legend Race, a local company that constructs unique races, will host The Wild Stampede, a mud and obstacle 5K that runs along the Center’s outer border Sept.

NEWS 8/27/13 4:43pm

Faculty, staff aim for higher student success with new initiatives

Students will bring in their own excitement for Elon University’s 2013–2014 school year, but the faculty and staff are pushing for new and better strategies to ensure students are more successful and satisfied than ever before. Academic and student aid departments have been organizing fresh measures to introduce in the fall semester.

NEWS 4/22/13 9:20pm

Faith Force athletes conjure power in The Lamb’s Chapel

In The Lamb’s Chapel in Haw River, a large countdown timer ticked down the minutes until Faith Force, a group of world-class athletes who use feats of strength to build and share faith, ran onto the stage. When the countdown reached zero, intense music reverberated around the auditorium and crew members set bricks on fire.

NEWS 1/23/13 7:00pm

Elon senior welcomes horror lovers to 'The Insanity of Mary Girard'

When Alpha Psi Omega, Elon University’s theatre honor society, began taking suggestions for the annual One Act Festival, senior Sean Liang, the society’s president, submitted Lanie Robertson’s play, “The Insanity of Mary Girard.” The play focuses on a woman’s experiences after her husband commits her to an insane asylum for becoming impregnated with another man’s child.

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