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NEWS 4/22/13 1:51pm

Center for Leadership encourages good deeds through Pay It Forward week

Making others feel important isn’t very difficult, according to freshman Kate Sims. Along with others from Elon University’s Center for Leadership, Sims is reaching out to the campus community to make sure that message is known — at least for a week. What the Center for Leadership used to recognize once a year as Pay it Forward Day is, for the first time, becoming a weeklong event from April 22-25.

NEWS 11/28/12 10:48am

Business students buy real world experience: Senior fellows manage investment portfolio with portion of university endowment

At a university where engaged learning is a primary focus, finding the means to manage an investment portfolio as an undergraduate can be a difficult task for students aspiring to be professionals in the financial services industry. But such an opportunity is afforded to a select group of students at Elon University — the business fellows — some of which selected the school largely for the portfolio management program. David Campbell, a senior double major in finance and accounting, was one of those students attracted to Elon because of the opportunity to manage a portion of the university’s endowment. Campbell is one of eight business fellows enrolled in the two-semester senior investment course.

NEWS 8/25/12 1:22pm

Faculty, staff use week before classes to prepare for semester

Just days before students arrive back on campus each year and prepare for the upcoming semester, faculty members gather to make preparations of their own. For more than 15 years, planning week has served as a time for faculty and staff to gather and discuss strategies and new programs for the upcoming semester. “This year, we have several new programs that will begin to reinforce some of the goals in The Elon Commitment,” said Mary Wise, associate vice president of Academic Affairs.

NEWS 4/17/12 6:54pm

Clash of values prompts debate over birth control mandate

Across the nation and at Elon University, a dispute over church-affiliated organizations, hospitals and colleges having to cover birth control in their employees' health insurance plans has resulted in a debate that stems from two arguments: the lack of contraception availability for some women versus a violation of religious liberty for employers. In light of the Obama administration’s federal requirement that employers include complete contraception coverage under all health insurance plans, conservatives and some religious organizations not exempt under the original rule — any that are not considered a church or house of worship — expressed disproval of the mandate. The Obama administration has announced an accommodation for these organizations, according to a news release from the U.S.

NEWS 2/28/12 3:39pm

Elon volunteers target local schools’ need for help

When sophomore Eryn Gorang began riding the BioBus to tutor at Burlington Housing Authority her freshman year, she noticed that no one got off at the Cummings High School stop. Gorang asked the director of BHA’s Leaders in Collaborative Services tutoring program about the school, located in East Burlington.

NEWS 2/22/12 7:34am

Convenience drives student housing choice

Sophomores and juniors attempting to squat their current on-campus apartments may be relocated to the Station at Mill Point during phase one and two of housing selection beginning this week. Though the $634 monthly rent matches that of The Oaks, The Station at Mill Point will feature four-bedroom, four-bathroom apartments and have a clubhouse, pool and fitness area onsite.

NEWS 2/15/12 11:31am

Students' personal lives, mistakes, not responsibility of universities

This is an age of convenience. A culture of drive-thru establishments and vending machines has enabled us to get what we want when we want it, without having to plan ahead. Drink machines have been  a common conveience for Americans for years, selling bottled water and canned Coke right down the hall from workspaces, classrooms and meeting areas. Go to the right restroom and you can find aspirin and ibuprofen machines — even condom dispensers — for people who need to purchase personal items without dealing with a clerk. But what about birth control pills?

NEWS 12/6/11 4:29pm

Progressive view of faith at Elon

The founders might be surprised to see how the small Christian college they birthed from a church became a place where no one deity holds preeminence. There was a day at Elon College when chapel attendance was a requirement, a day when college trustees were elected by the local church and professors had to be members of that church. More than 120 years have passed since Elon was founded as a training ground for young ministers of the Christian church.

NEWS 11/30/11 12:10pm

For-credit internships: students not sold on services, price tag

Junior David Campbell has completed two summer internships but only registered for academic credit for one because of the related cost. Campbell, an accounting and finance major, said he works two jobs on campus and is on the board of two campus organizations, making an off-campus internship during the school year impractical. "It is unfair to take students who are excelling in school and extracurricular activities during the academic year and tell them they must also take on (an internship) or else they'll be forced to pay for it during the summer," Campbell said.

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