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NEWS 11/5/12 6:11pm

Absentee voting from Buenos Aires

BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA — I knew when I decided to go abroad this semester that voting absentee would be part of the experience. I registered to receive my absentee ballot before I left and once I was abroad, I waited early for the email.

NEWS 9/20/12 9:23pm

Students take a spin with the tango

BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA – One of the first things students studying abroad in Argentina encounter is the prominence of the sensual and sultry dance: the Argentine tango. The tango, which is as much of a mixture of cultures as Buenos Aires itself, made its first appearance in the capital city right around the same time as immigrants from all over Europe as well as the gauchos, or cowboys, from the provinces. Each group brought with it its own developed form of dance.

NEWS 8/26/12 3:19pm

Subte system reopens after strike

BUENOS AIRES – After the longest subte strike in Argentinian history, an unofficial workers union and local leaders reached an agreement earlier this month that would allow for the much anticipated reopening of the subway system the following morning. The scheduled strike, which lasted longer than expected, began after the subway union demanded that the Buenos Aires government increase the workers’ salaries by more than 20 percent. It ended with a provisional agreement with Metrovias, the company that operates the subte, which included “improvements in working conditions, changes in leave entitlements and a re-categorization of wage levels,” according to the union’s press release.

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