May 1 is decision day for high school seniors. According to Vice President for Enrollment Greg Zaiser, as of noon May 1, 1,700 students have enrolled in the class of 2027. 

Last year, 1,692 students enrolled in the class of 2026. Zaiser said Elon’s acceptance rate decreased from 74% to 67%.

Of those students, 19% are African American or Black, Latino or Hispanic, Asian or Pacific Islander, Native American, Alaskan Native and multiracial. First generation college students make up 11% of the incoming class. Additionally, 12% identify as part of LGBTQ communities.

The top majors represented in the incoming class are psychology, biology, business analytics, marketing and sport management. The top states represented are North Carolina, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. Seven percent of the students are international.

Zaiser said the numbers are subject to some change as the day goes on.