The second day of Greek Week featured a field day on the Phi Beta Kappa Commons. Students in Interfraternity Council, National Pan-Hellenic Council and Panhellenic Association fraternities and sororities had opportunities to earn points for their team by participating in events or showing up in support. 

Elon senior and Panhellenic Association President Corinne Brager said teams earned 10 points for each member checked in for field day. 

Field day consisted of three competitions: tug of war, water balloon toss and a three-legged race. Going into today, Team 1, Team 5 and Team 3 had the most total points. 

Team 3 won the tug of war tournament. The next event was a water balloon toss, where Team 3 and Team 2 each earned points. 

Junior Tony Albanese partnered with senior Jill Lehman during the water balloon toss for Team 2 and finished top three. The two are members of Kappa Alpha and Sigma Sigma Sigma, respectively.

“I just like seeing the whole Elon community, the whole greek life organization, everybody together. It’s really awesome,” Albanese said. “It brings a lot of people from different backgrounds … together that share the same interests. You’re able to just bond over that, and it’s really cool.”

Junior Cinda Birch is a member of Alpha Xi Delta, on Team 6, and also serves as vice president of public relations for the Panhellenic Association. 

“Everyone gets really really pumped and excited to come together, especially for big events like Greek Week,” Birch said. “It’s just been that really happy energy all week.” 

The final field day competition was the three-legged race, which featured pairs from each team running across the commons while tied together at the ankle. Through the two rounds of the race, teams 5, 2 and 3 all earned points. 

At the end of the night, the final standings were released on the Greek Week Instagram, as points from field day were added to team totals. The day two standings are:

Team 1

Team 5

Team 3

Team 2

Team 6

Team 4

Team 7

Team 2 was the only team that moved up in the rankings on Tuesday. There are more opportunities for teams to earn points before winners are announced, including the blood drive on Wednesday.