Forty-three days later than anticipated, Billy D’s Fried Chicken has opened. It was originally set to open within the fall semester, but was delayed due to issues with the general contractor, according to head chef and owner William Dissen.

Elon Dining’s website said the restaurant would be open on Oct. 10, 2022 and still says that despite already serving food to customers in McEwen Food Hall.

Elon junior Danielle DaSilva said she found out about the restaurant’s opening when she went to do homework on the second floor of the dining hall. She immediately texted her friend, junior Renée Driver, who decided to come check it out after class.

While walking to McEwen, Driver was offered a free meal pass from Elon Dining employees and grabbed one for DaSilva. The free meal pass was good for one entree, one side and one drink.

Driver and DaSilva said the chicken was good and they were pleasantly surprised. They were also both surprised by the lack of customers. 

“It wasn't as busy as I expected it to be, but they're only giving out a few tickets today,” Driver said. 

Sophomore Mason Carter  thought the food was mediocre. He found out about Billy D’s opening after receiving a free pass just like DaSilva and Driver. 

“It was a pretty acceptable meal,” Carter said. “It was nothing special, but it's good for what it is.” 

Carter said he could see himself going again but not frequently.