Billy D’s Fried Chicken still isn’t here. The new retail dining option set to replace Pei Wei Asian Kitchen in McEwen Food Hall was intended to open with the fall semester. Elon Dining has not announced an opening date, leaving Elon University students waiting for a new place to eat.    

The restaurant specializes in fried chicken, something senior Hugh Goldstein loves. He said southern comfort is one of his favorite cusineses. Goldstein said he was considering skipping class to get in line for the opening, but now he’ll have to wait. 

“What am I gonna do?” Goldstein said. “I went to Red Robin last night and it was so disappointing and I wish I could go to the chicken shack.”

But, Goldstein said he understands why it hasn’t opened and is happy to wait if that means the chicken will be top notch. 

“Although that is sad, I'm so ready for the day that it does open,” Goldstein said. “I’m gonna be there. I’ll be the first person. If there’s a way that I can be the first person at the chicken shack, I’m there. I’m just so excited. It’s gonna be a great place to meet.”  

Elon Auxiliary Services declined an on camera interview with Elon News Network, but said in a statment supply chain issues, training staff and getting the equipment set up are all factors in the delay.

Not all students are excited for the upcoming addition. Junior Ava Crawford said she hoped something unique would replace Pei Wei.

“There’s Bojangles and then there’s also two Chick Fil-As,” Crawford said. There’s a lot of chicken going around. A lot of chicken biscuit type items. I don’t think we need another one on campus.” 

William Dissen, executive chef and owner of Billy D’s said there have been problems with the general contractor. He hopes to be up and running by the end of September.  

Finger’s crossed,” Dissen said.