Updated as of Aug. 19 at 12:41 p.m. to include video. 

Every 15 minutes, the sounds of Elon University’s band, cheers from faculty and staff and greetings from President Connie Book fill the Schar Center parking lot, welcoming a new group of freshmen to move-in day.

The first group of students arrived at Schar Center this morning just before 8 a.m. and received their Phoenix Card, orientation schedule and room key. They checked in by neighborhood, making the traffic flow smoother. 

This process is new this year, according to Director of New Student Programs Emily Krechel, to make it easier for students and families. She said in the past, students only received their orientation schedule at check in. 

President Connie Book greeted students and families at Schar Center and said she loves meeting new students from many different places. 

“It’s always a day full of positive energy, everybody excited, starting college, change of life,” Book said. “You really can see Elon’s future on move-in day. I like that too.”

For incoming freshman Soriah Smith, moving into her dorm comes with a range of emotions. She drove from Winter Park, Florida, which she said took about eight and a half hours. 

“I’m feeling super nervous, but super excited, a little bit like I’m going to vomit, but that’s OK,” Smith said. 

While Elon University’s campus is unfamiliar to some new students, others know it well. Both of incoming freshman Angelina Mancuso’s sisters graduated from Elon. 

“Watching my two sisters have such an amazing time here really encouraged me to come here, and it kind of feels like home,” Mancuso said. 

Her sister Sophia, who graduated in May, said she’s excited to watch Angelina enjoy her former home. 

“I’m having a lot of emotions as well, a mixture of happy and sad. I mean, you come back to the campus, and it’s hard not to come back,” Sophia said. 

Students will continue checking in at Schar Center until 2 p.m.