With Elon University’s freshmen move-in coming up on Aug. 19, new students may be experiencing a range of emotions. Amid packing for their first year of college, with a number of dates, details and things to get done, incoming students may easily forget some useful items. 

Incoming students were assigned their own, unique move-in time July 21 on their Acorn Account. 

Before that time comes, Elon News Network has compiled a list of some essentials to include while packing for a successful first semester.  

Business Professional Clothing 

Between upcoming career fairs,  job or internship interviews, networking events and ceremonies, having professional clothes or business suits is a must. 

Rain gear 

When it rains at Elon, it pours. Be prepared for the weather with either a rain jacket or umbrella. 

School supplies 

With all the excitement that comes with moving to a new place and decorating your first dorm room, freshmen may forget the obvious — pencils, pens, notebooks and even a calculator are necessary for the first day of classes Aug. 22. First Year Foundation Classes for all Elon students include COR 1100, The Global Experience, ENG 1100, Writing — Argument and Inquiry and STS 1100, Statistical Reasoning. 

Extra phone charger

This is a no-brainer to have back in your dorm or in your bag when you go to class. 

Cleaning supplies

If you live in a dorm with suite-style bathrooms, it’s your responsibility to work with your roommate and suitemates and keep the space clean. You’ll want to have some products on hand to do so. 


From orientation activities to class schedules and organization meetings — your first year of college will be busy. A planner will help you stay on top of all responsibilities and class assignments, so you’ll never miss a due date. 

First-Aid Kit

This will be the first time many incoming freshmen live on their own. Accidents and emergencies happen, and having a first-aid kit on hand is helpful during those times. Kits can be purchased at the store pre-made or made at home, with necessary medications or go-to’s.

Water Bottle 

College students are constantly on the go, and having a reusable water bottle in your backpack will help you stay hydrated on those hot North Carolina days. 

Mini safe 

Whether it’s important documents, extra cash or medication, you’ll need a safe place to keep valuables. Having a small safe in your dorm room will ensure extra protection. 

Tool Kit 

Though you may not expect it, there will be things that need fixing. Whether you want to raise your bed on move-in day or repair something halfway through the semester, you’ll want to have a few small tools on hand to help you out. For bigger damages or fixes, contact Facilities Management through a FIXit, Elon’s work order system, to submit the request. 

Bathing suit and workout gear

Elon is three hours from the beach and three hours from the mountains. If you’re heading to the coast for a swim or going on a hike, you’ll need these for sure. And for on campus recreation, Elon also has the Koury Center Facilities, including the Stewart Fitness Center, Jordan Gym, Group Exercise studios and Beck Pool, among other courts and recreational opportunities.