It’s the first day of classes at Elon University. For some, attending class on a college campus is new — for others, it’s a day they’re familiar with. 

For freshman David Stacy, the new experience has been a positive one.

“Elon has just been so accommodating and just so welcoming, and it’s a place where I feel safe and confident,” Stacy said. 

Junior Jordan Clement said Elon is a place where faculty and staff are willing to help students. She said she hopes they take the time to connect with their professors. 

“Definitely use your support system,” Clement said. “It might be scary going to the teachers, but definitely make a good impression and they wanna help you, so if you start that good relationship from the start, they’re gonna want to get to know you as a student. It will better your semester.” 

Like Clements, senior Brett Bailey said professors are a resource for students and can help them navigate the first week of classes. 

“My biggest piece of advice for new students at Elon would be not to be afraid to create relationships with your professors,” Bailey said. “They’re real people, and they have great stories, and they’ll give you great advice.” 

Freshman Melanie Rodgers said though she was nervous, she feels ready for the academic year ahead. 

“I’m excited. I was nervous at first, but after my first period — I had an 8 a.m. — I think I’m prepared honestly,” Rodgers said.