For the 15th year in a row, Elon students are teaching free, non-credit, enrichment classes that allow students to delve deeper into their personal passions and learn about something new during Winter Term. 

Associate Dean for Academic Support Lela Faye Rich, along with a committee of students and staff, came up with the idea in 2007. Since then approximately 245 Burst the Bubble classes have been held. 

This year, 13 different courses — ranging in topics from Marvel history and Dungeons and Dragons to children's theatre and embroidery — are being offered. The three-week courses are entirely student-led with the only faculty involvement being a safety screening performed by staff members, as well as a $150 to $200 budget allocated from the Division of Student Life to purchase course materials. 

This Winter Term, sophomore Meghan Malone is teaching her own Intro to Swing Dancing course and said she is very excited to get this opportunity to share her passion with the Elon community. 

“I was like, ‘whoa, maybe I can bring it to Elon,’” Malone said. “Then we can have a whole swing dancing little community here, so that's why I decided to do it.” 

Earlier in the fall semester, Vice President for Student Life Jon Dooley sent out an email to all undergraduate students explaining what Burst the Bubble courses and how to register to teach a course. Dooley sent another email in mid December with information for students on how to enroll in the course. When Malone first received the email, she said she immediately thought of swing dancing. Malone said it was a popular summer activity in Greenville, South Carolina, Malone’s home town. 

“Immediately swing dancing came to my mind because that's something that I love to do back at home with my friends,” Malone said. 

Malone currently hosts Swing Dancing every Wed. from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. in Lakeside 212. She hopes to continue sharing her passion for swing dancing after this course by hosting other swing dancing events on campus, so other students can learn and have fun.

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