Junior Seth Wolins needed a job while at school, so he decided to apply at The Oak House. Within the first few moments of meeting the owner of The Oak House, Phil Smith, he knew working at the coffee shop would be a positive, exciting experience. 

“Everybody on staff is awesome. Everyone is fun,” Wolins said. “It’s a great working environment. The staff is great, and it’s just all-around really fun.”

Wolins was excited, but not surprised when he learned The Oak House was voted “Best Coffee” this year.

Located in downtown Elon, The Oak House is a multi-purpose space that welcomes all ages with a coffee shop as well as a bar. Additionally, The Oak House hosts live music performances on weekends. The space fills up with students and Burlington locals to hear students and bands play, according to Madeline Cirker, who has performed at The Oak House. 

“I love the atmosphere of Oak House. It is always fun to go with friends to study or just do whatever,” Cirker said. “It’s definitely one of my favorite places in Elon.” 

Cirker said she frequently goes to Oak House because of the atmosphere and coffee. She also completes other work there such as tutoring, interviewing and meeting up with friends. 

Wolins said The Oak House is important to the community because of its support of Elon students. Most of the staff is made up of current students, and she said the connections made at this small coffee house are immensely impactful on the employees and the owner.