Junior Sophie Blumenfeld said living in the Station at Mill Point feels like living in a hotel. To her, it was no surprise the Station at Mill Point was voted “Best Apartment” by the Elon community. 

The Station at Mill Point is home to more than 300 juniors and seniors and has no shortage of activity. In 2021, residents complained about hours of the pool and in May, there was an  incident resulting in floor damage, but nonetheless, Blumenfeld said there are many perks. 

“Students enjoy living in Mill Point so much due to its environment resembling a vacation spot,” Blumenfeld said. “You have palm trees, brightly-colored houses, balconies, spots for hammocks and a roomy living space.”

Each of the 24 buildings has four-person apartments with high ceilings. Blumenfeld said she enjoys the “cute exterior of each house with pastel colors” and having her own laundry room. 

In an email to Elon News Network, Amanda Alberti, community director for the Station at Mill Point and coordinator of leadership programs wrote that there are many reasons the neighborhood is a special place to live. Alberti said she enjoys being surrounded by so many university upperclassmen. 

Living at Mill Point brings a sense of community and independence, according to Alberti. 

“Most students went from living at home with family to living in a residence hall before moving into a Station at Mill Point apartment,” Alberti wrote. “Often, this is the first time students have had a space that they can make their own, which is such an exciting stage of life.”