Two candidates campaigned for mayor of the town of Elon. Emily Sharpe, who currently serves as a Board of Aldermen member for the town, and Michael Woods, who previously ran for a seat on Elon’s Board of Aldermen in 2019.

10 p.m. --

With 33 out of 33 Alamance County precincts reported in, Sharpe is projected to win the race with 85.23% of the votes. 

9 p.m. --

With 24 out of 33 Alamance County precincts reported in, Sharpe leads the race with 85.38% of votes reported. Woods currently has 14.03% of the votes.

From 6:45 a.m. till 7:30 p.m., Sharpe was at polling locations with fellow candidate Stephanie Bourland, who is running for town of Elon Board of Aldermen. The pair heard from voters on issues in the community, such as untaxed properties around town, water billing, the recent car break-ins.

“It was good just connecting with the voters, discussing what the issues are for each of them,” Sharpe said. 

Woods said his feelings are "he hopes the best candidate wins."

“I gave it everything I had,” Woods said. “I don't like some of the things that's going on in the city. I was hoping to make a change, bring this community together. I'm just hoping that it works out in my favor. But if it doesn't, I'll support her anyway I can.”