Updated as of Oct. 27, 2021 at 10:14 a.m. to include video.

In a poll conducted by Elon University between Oct. 15 and 17, 65% of vaccinated adults in North Carolina support getting or have already gotten a COVID-19 booster shot. The poll also covered other COVID-19 related subjects. 

The poll found that 92% of individuals who got a vaccination are “glad they did,” while 65% of individuals say they have already taken the booster shot or are planning to once it is available. The poll also found that 25% of surveyed individuals said “maybe” when they were asked if they plan on getting an additional booster shot. 

Around 20% of people surveyed have not been vaccinated against COVID-19 and do not plan on getting the vaccine, the poll found. 

In recent weeks and months, hospital systems and other employers across North Carolina and the nation have started requiring the COVID-19 vaccine for their employees. The Elon Poll found that 60% of those surveyed approve of a plan by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, which is currently developing a rule that would require employers that have 100 or more employees to be vaccinated, while 40% disapprove of the plan. 

Some universities and K-12 schools have also required students to be vaccinated. When surveyed, 59% of those surveyed support universities requiring vaccines. A total of 55% approve of vaccine mandates for K-12 students. 

Elon University currently requires all students to be fully vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine unless a student has a medical or religious exemption. The same policy applies to the flu vaccine. However, faculty and staff at Elon are not required to be vaccinated. 

The poll also inquired about the opinions of both national and state leaders’ responses to COVID-19. A third of North Carolina adults gave President Joe Biden an “F” grade and 15% of adults gave Biden an “A.” An additional 23% of adult respondents gave Biden a “B” grade, 19% gave Biden a “C” and 11% of respondents gave Biden a “D” grade. 

Biden’s grades by North Carolina adults is similar to the grades given in an Elon Poll in June of 2020 about former President Trump’s COVID-19 response. 

In this latest Elon Poll, 17% of people surveyed gave North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper an “A” grade for his response to COVID-19. A similar number also gave Cooper an “F” grade. Cooper’s grade in this Elon Poll is similar to other responses given in previous Elon Polls. 

In total, 1,234 North Carolina residents were surveyed for the poll. The poll has a credibility interval of +/- 3%. The survey made for the Elon Poll was done in a partnership with the Raleigh News & Observer, The Durham Herald Sun and the Charlotte Observer.