Members of the Elon community, including students, faculty and staff, who have been fully vaccinated with the Pfizer-BioTech COVID-19 vaccine for at least six months or more are now eligible to receive a booster vaccine against COVID-19, according to an email from Jeff Stein, vice president for strategic initiatives.

A university spokesperson said the booster vaccine is not a requirement for Elon students, faculty and staff.

The Centers for Disease Control previously authorized and recommended booster vaccines against COVID-19 in August. According to Stein’s email, community members ages 65 and older and individuals over the age of 18 who live in congregate housing facilities, such are dormitories and group living facilities at colleges and universities, are eligible for the booster vaccine.

People who have a medical condition that puts them at a higher risk for illness, work in a profession where there is contact with many individuals whose vaccination status is unknown and those that live and work in a long-term residential care facility, such as a nursing home, are also eligible for the booster vaccine.

Stein said Elon students, faculty and staff who fall within the CDC guidelines are eligible for the booster vaccine and do not have to provide additional proof of their eligibility. He also said that graduate and undergraduate students living off campus are eligible for the booster vaccine. 

Booster vaccines against COVID-19 are not currently available for Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines, according to Stein. The university expects the CDC to approve booster vaccines for the Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines later this fall.

While flu vaccine clinics are continuing to be held by the university, Stein said current recommendations for receiving a flu shot and COVID-19 booster vaccine are to get them at the same time or at least two weeks apart. Elon University is working to hold a booster vaccine clinic for students, faculty, staff and additional members of the community in November.