Correction: There were some inconsistencies in the spelling of student names. Elon News Network regrets this error. 

Adam Kanowitz, Project Management 

Courtesy of Adam Kanowitz.

“I can’t wait to be on campus socializing and creating friendships with the independence and freedom college brings. While academics are always important, I think after the past two years, everyone has been forced to reevaluate their friendships and how important those relationships are for us. While some may come from large cities and others small towns, Elon allows us the opportunity to form friendships and bonds with people from all over.” 


Chelsea Pitcher, Biochemistry 
Courtesy of Chelsea Pitcher.

“My hope for this upcoming school year is to make lots of exciting and positive memories I can look back on. I also hope to be content with my major and feel that it was the right choice for me.” 


Maci Yeager, Exercise Science 

Courtesy of Maci Yeager.

“My biggest goal is to improve my time management skills. It’s something I’ve always struggled with, and I know it’s going to be more difficult now that I don’t have my mom nagging at me all the time.” 


Anna Kauffman, Environmental Engineering 

Courtesy of Anna Kauffman.

“My goal for freshman year is to love the person I become. I want to be proud of myself in the work I do for classes and how I treat other people. I think you have to appreciate yourself before anything. My other hope is to make good connections with my professors. Elon is known for their small classes and close teacher-student relationships. I want to take advantage of that and make connections for after graduation.” 


James Follette, Business 

Courtesy of James Follette.

“A few of the things I am looking forward to most during freshman year are move-in day, meeting some of the people who are going to be in the same dorm as me, going to the basketball, lacrosse, and football games, and taking part in being engaged about the school teams on campus, along with taking part in intramural sports and meeting new people.” 


Katie Reed, Business
Courtesy of Katie Reed.

“I hope to learn a lot of new things and figure out more about my major and what I want to do in life a little more. ” 


Lincoln McRae, Anthropology 

Courtesy of Lincoln McRae.

“I am unsure about the switch back from ‘Zoom school’ to in-person school. Although we were only in ‘Zoom school’ for a year, getting back into the swing of things might prove difficult.” 


Lauren Fener, Marketing 

Courtesy of Lauren Fener.

“Moving away from home is never an easy thing and I don’t want to pressure myself into any expectations that I may not be able to meet as the months go by. My main goal for myself for the following year is just to allow myself to adjust and get used to the newness of living on my own.”