With 52.53% of the vote, Amy Galey won North Carolina’s 24th Senate District in the 2020 election. But to represent the people of District 24 in Raleigh, Galey will no longer maintain her seat on the Alamance County Board of Commissioners. The Alamance County GOP executive board will vote on a candidate to finish the remaining two years of Galey’s term in January, according to Chairman of the Alamance County GOP Ben York. 

Frances O'Connor | Elon News Network

Alamance County Commissioner Amy Galey is the winner of the North Carolina District 24 state senate seat. This leaves an open seat in the Alamance Board of Commissioners.

York said as of Monday, Nov. 9, only two people had publicly announced their intention to run: Craig Turner, first vice chair of the Alamance GOP, and Michael Trollinger, council member for the town of Green Level. 

Because Galey ran as a member of the Republican Party, the GOP will choose who will serve the last two years of her tenure. If the election were non-partisan, like a school board election, for example, a replacement would not be chosen by the GOP or Democratic Party, as they are not elected by a party.

“If that seat becomes vacant before the term is up, the party that holds the seat would get to pick the replacement,” York said. “It’s not uncommon here and across the state to have vacancies from time to time.”

According to York a similar situation arose in Alamance County both in 2014 and in 2016. 

The executive board of the GOP will vote on the candidates in January. The process will be open to the public and the press, however there is a public vote for the position.