Jerry Tolley, mayor of the town of Elon, condemned the caravan in support of President Donald Trump that drove through Elon University and the town. In a press release on Friday, Tolley said he and the Board of Aldermen are committed to making all residents “with no regard to race, religion, ethnicity, gender or sexuality” feel safe.

“While I endorse everyone's opportunity to demonstrate their political affiliation, I neither endorse nor condone the verbal assault of our residents and visitors,” Tolley wrote in the press release.

Vehicles drove through Elon waving flags off the back of their cars as some drivers yelled profanities and comments such as “white power” at pedestrians, including Elon University students and faculty members.

Tolley said nobody from the caravan was cited for what they yelled because what they said did not break any laws.

“I have been asked why we didn't cite these individuals for certain words or phrases they used. The simple answer is that they did not break any laws,” Tolley wrote. “The laws of the United States and the State of North Carolina are very clear that this type of speech is a protected right.”

Jon Dooley, vice president for student life, announced on Sunday that President Connie Book would be issuing no trespass orders for the vehicles who were caught on university cameras yelling at Elon community members.

In the release, Tolley announced that the Board of Aldermen will host a series of town halls where residents can share their concerns. Dates and locations of these town halls have yet to be announced. Additionally, Elon University announced a series of question and answer town hall’s on subjects such as the convoy and the university’s coronavirus response. The town hall’s which began today, will take place for the next three Friday’s online at 1:30.