Updated March 20, 2020 at 9:32 p.m. to include a statement from Jana Lynn Patterson the associate vice president for student life.

In response to the coronavirus, Mayor Jerry Tolley declared a state of emergency in the town of Elon. Tolley’s declaration was made on the same day Alamance County declared a state of emergency after its first confirmed case of the virus, also known as COVID-19. 

“I have determined that the existing conditions, and anticipated conditions, pose a direct threat to the health and safety of the employees of the town of Elon, the residents of the town of Elon, and visitors to the town of Elon,” Tolley wrote in the declaration.

The declaration allows the town manager to make certain restrictions within the town. The town announced on its website that all public and private gatherings with more than 10 people will be prohibited beginning on March 20 at 9 p.m. This will be enforced by the town of Elon Police Department, Elon University’s Campus Safety & Police and other law enforcement agencies.

According to Jana Lynn Patterson, associate vice president for student life and dean of students, town police are "strictly enforcing" this gathering restriction and no warnings will be issued.

"Students hosting gatherings on or off-campus may be cited for failure to comply, in addition to any other offenses," Patterson wrote. "Police reports will be forwarded to the Office of Student Conduct and students may also be held accountable to the Student Code of Conduct."

Town Manager Richard Roedner can impose certain restrictions “upon consultation with the Mayor.”

Roedner can establish a curfew, amend parking regulations, require businesses to reduce or cease operations, and delay or modify penalties regarding failure to pay water or sewer bills.

All parks are closed, and recreation activities and events have been canceled. Town committee meetings are being conducted electronically and the Board of Aldermen will only have one meeting on the second Tuesday of every month — this will begin on April 14.