Updated on Tuesday Nov. 19 at 1:45 p.m. with statements from Richard Roedner and Alderwoman Emily Sharpe.

The town of Elon has a new town manager. Richard Roedner has been hired as town manager after a seven-month search, Mayor Jerry Tolley announced via press release.   

Richard Roedner is the new town manager for Elon. Photo submitted by RIchard Roedner

Roedner is coming to Elon from Topsham, Maine where he served as town manager for over five years and planning director for over 11 years. 

Roedner said that his background in planning will inform his decisions as town manager of Elon.

"Part of my approach to having the community involved," he said. "Having the community know that we are working for them."

Roedner said that he has been to Elon twice. He visited Elon for the first time around Labor Day where he interviewed for the town manager position. He came to Elon again in October for a second round of interviews. Roedner said that he and his wife have been looking to move and that they "loved," downtown Elon.

Alderwoman Emily Sharpe said Roedner stood out during the interview process because of his interest in the town and its residents.

"Richard was really the only person who mentioned coming into Elon, spending time in Elon and getting to know some of the people in Elon," she said.

Roedner said that having Elon University in the town adds "resources," that benefits the community and makes it more "dynamic."

"The vibrancy that the university brings to the community whether it's just the population that brings students, faculty," he said. "Whether it's the activities that take place because of the university."

Roedner has over 30 years of experience at the municipal and county-level government.

He is expected to begin the position on Jan. 6, 2020.