Open until 3 a.m. on Friday nights and located on campus, Lakeside Dining Hall provides an easy late-night option for students on a meal plan.

runners up

Second place: Cookout
Third place: Domino's

Lakeside is by Global Neighborhood, making it the most accessible dining option for a large chunk of campus. Freshman Cecily Weinstein lives in Global Neighborhood and goes to Lakeside frequently. 

“I go because its right next to my dorm. It’s so convenient,” Weinstein said. “My favorite dish they have ever prepared is the flounder. It sounds weird, but I love it.”

Weinstein also goes to Late Night at Lakeside.

“I like how Lakeside stays open later than the rest of the dining halls. It’s a great option for meals late at night, and I don’t have to pay extra,” she said.

Lakeside offers special food events throughout the year. Some this year have included Fall Festival, Halloween Feast, Magical Feast and a chef showcase. These events feature specialty foods made by the Elon Dining chefs. They often have live music and decorations to fit the theme.

Another Fun Fact

Lakeside Dining Hall often hosts Late Night at Elon, which includes events such as trivia and karaoke.

Lakeside is also the host of Late Night Elon events that are run by the Student Union Board and Resident Student Association. They are hosted every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. They offer events such as bingo, trivia, karaoke or adventure-based activities. 

Freshman Megan Gillogly has been to several of the bingo events hosted by Late Night.

“I like how they are on campus, and they offer fun events on weekends, so I have something to keep my weekends busy,” Gillogly said.