Global Commons, located in the heart of the Global Neighborhood, was voted “Best Campus Study Space.” The recognition comes with little surprise, with the number of study areas which provide all students with the opportunity to find an enjoyable place to do homework or study. 


Second Place: Belk Library
Third Place: Lindner Reading Room

Commonly referred to as GloCo, students utilize the space to separate themselves from distractions, while having the choice to work alongside background noise or in a completely silent space. 

Dr. Jenifer Eidum, the Faculty Director of the Global Neighborhood, described Global Commons as a hub for active learning and a place all students can use. She said the space was “intentionally built for the residential campus idea.” 

The first floor is comprised of the Great Hall and the area which surrounds Argo Tea, GloCo’s globally oriented tea shop. Dr. Eidum said, “The Great Hall was envisioned to be an active learning space and has turned into a really quiet study space. Whereas the area around Argo is more of the talking side of the building.” 

The Core Curriculum office is housed on the second floor, which establishes connections to the central ideas of the core in addition to general global education. 

“Core classes are often taught on the second floor, and when not in session, the classrooms offer spaces for both group work or quiet studying,” said Dr. Eidum.

The third floor houses the Global Education Center. This floor places emphasis on global engagement and “brings in globally oriented students, including those living in the international and world language LLC’s,” Dr. Eidum said. 

The structure of Global Commons creates a relaxing vibe, where many students are focused on work and leave feeling productive. This is a regular feeling for freshman Lucy Allen, a resident of the Global Neighborhood. 

another fun fact

The Great Hall in Global Commons has played host to many speakers, including Chief Operating Officer of Apple Jeff Williams in February 2019.

Allen said Global Commons is undoubtedly a favored spot during the weekdays and even during finals. Allen leans on the centrally located space to accomplish what she needs to at any hour of her busy days. 

“The lighting and aesthetic creates a home-like feeling. Global Commons is the perfect place at any time. It is so convenient, and I always feel motivated and focused on my work,” Allen said.